Olymp Trade for PC

The use of the trading platform on your PC or laptop

To install the OlympTrade application on your computer, you must be registered on The platform. For quick registration you can use this form:

Or register using this link on the broker’s website

Some Reasons to Learn about MetaTrader 4

Although you can go on enjoying great trading on the Olymp Trade online platform, MetaTrader 4 also deserves your attention. Why?

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) has many advantages. The terminal appeared in the market more than 10 years ago but Forex traders are getting more and more interested in it year after year. In this article, we will tell you about the main reasons why you should try this tool.

New assets

Olymp Trade MT4 has new currency pairs, indexes, and metals. For example, you can earn on the volatility of the Chinese yuan or invest in a Spanish stock index.

The total number of assets available for trading is 67. When trading currency pairs, you can use the largest leverage of 1:400. Leverage of 1:50 can be used when working with metals, and the one of 1:30 — for trading indexes and commodities.

To take a look at the whole list of trading instruments, login to the terminal and press the Crtl+U hotkeys.

Expanding Set of Indicators

As soon as MT4 has its own open-source programming language, thousands of traders have been engaged in indicators development. As a result, there is a huge number of unique indicators, which traders can access when using the terminal.

Many of these developments are in the public domain. They can be downloaded to the terminal’s internal folder and you can start using them after rebooting MT4. All new tools will be in the “Custom” section.

Please note: the extensions of indicator files are .ex4 or mql4. Do not use other formats to avoid endangering your trading account or computer.


Traders save the completed version of setting as a template and apply it later.

Types of Orders

There are 5 trade orders available on Olymp Trade MT4:

Market execution — an order to open a trade that will be executed immediately at the current market price.

Buy limit — a type of a pending order. Use it when you want to buy the asset at a lower price than the current one.

Sell limit — this pending order is an order to sell the asset at a higher price than the current one.

Buy Stop — a pending order to buy the asset at a higher price than the current one.

Sell Stop — an order to sell the asset a lower price than the current one.

Unlike market orders, pending ones only work when the asset price reaches some specified values.

For example, you want to buy gold (XAU/USD) if its price breaks the psychological resistance level of $1500.00 per ounce. Let’s say that now the metal costs $1475.00. In this case, it is better to use the Buy Stop order and place it above $1500.

Use the F9 hotkey to call the window of a new trade.

Of course, you can also manage your positions effectively by using Stop Loss, Take Profit, and Trailing Stop in MT4.


Many people dream of having a profitable robot, but any trading strategy can fail. All we can do is to test the Expert Advisor before using it. That’s why MT4 has a special strategy tester.

This service will analyze the efficiency of the Expert Advisor using historical data, taking into account the parameters that you set before launching (like tolerable drawdown or position size.)

Multi-platform Feature

The full range of MT4 advantages is only available in the terminal version for Windows or Mac OS-based personal computers. However, you will find everything you need for trading on the web and mobile applications.

You can get links to different versions of the platform in your trading account .

For example, the web version includes 31 indicators and more than 20 graphical tools (Fibonacci, Gann, Elliot methods). You can also adjust the chart parameters by changing its type or color component. Similar options are available in mobile applications.

Download Olymp Trade for a desktop

If you are already registered with Olymp Trade broker, you can skip registration and use your existing login and password.

Next, go to the official page to download applications olimp trade

Choose the version of the application depending on your PC or laptop operating system. By The way to download the application for your smartphone, go to this page

Run the application installer you downloaded and follow the instructions if there are any. After installation, run the application on your computer.

Log in to your account using the username and password you selected during registration.

Congratulations! You have installed a terminal for trading on the Olymp Trade platform on your computer.

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