How to make money on Olymp Trade — secrets, strategies

How to make money on Olymp Trade

How to trade

In fixed time trades, you can make a significant profit simply by determining the direction of the transaction, it will become cheaper or more expensive, for example, a dollar relative to a rupee or bitcoin against a dollar.

Each trader, opening transactions for a fixed time, knows in advance what he is risking and how much he can earn. Revenues and risks are recorded before the conclusion of the transaction, and the profit ratio can reach 92%* on the VIP account.

Understanding who wins this confrontation between sellers and buyers in exchange trading will allow you to look for good points for opening profitable deals.

In order to constantly make money using Olymp Trade in Nigeria, India, Indonesia and other countries, you do not need to be an experienced trader, you need to find the best points for entering and opening deals.

RSI strategy trading

Opening a transaction in the OlympTrade trading platform occurs only after the appearance of the 30 or 70 reversal indicator (overbought / oversold) by the RSI indicator.

Therefore, it is not possible for a novice trader to predict high-frequency operations and especially the direction of the trend on short timeframes (1, 2 minutes).

It is worth remembering that the rules are the main one for earning in every successful strategy, since it is impossible to trade on Olymp Trade and consistently make a profit without the transaction analysis algorithm.

Night Trading Strategy

Opening deals

Combined Trading

There is also a combined strategy, in which for beginner traders a huge amount of uncertainties. And if a respected reader wonders about how to make money on Olymp Trade, then he can learn something useful.

The benefits of fixed time trades:
Low minimum deposit amount — from 10 dollars.
Low minimum transaction amount — $ 1.

To earn money on OlympTrade, use the following advantages of the trading platform:

Trader Review


You can open a demo (free of charge) and download the OlympTrade mobile app for iOS and Android smartphones by logging in and registering an account on the broker’s official website.

Work with fixed time trades is much easier than with any other exchange tools. No investment instrument, like a single bank deposit, will allow you to achieve such a significant profit in such a short period of time as fixed time trades!

Your income in your hands, start earning.

*If your deal wins, you get a profit of XX% of your investment.

**Using the proposed strategy does not guarantee profit.

Flexible investments on OlympTrade

Certainly, minimum trade amount on OlympTrade broker is $0.01 and minimum amount of deposit is $10. What is more, as a trader you may put 1 minute duration of a trade and open / close deals at any time you want.

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Beware Olymp Trade is a Non-Regulated broker. It is NOT SAFE to trade.

  • Our Review
  • Olymp Trade User Reviews
  • Olymp Trade News
  • Company name:

Olymp Trade – Smartex International Ltd

  • Registration Address/ License:

St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Trading Platform

Olymp is easy to navigate and very user-friendly. The platform looks clean and organized, with links that make it easy to find what you are looking for. You can access Olymp Trade three different ways.

  1. Their main website
  2. A desktop application (available for both Windows and Mac)
  3. Phone application (for both Android and iOS)

St. Vincent and the Grenadines

IFC (International Financial Commission)

Yes ($10,000 Practice Account)

Deposits and Withdrawals:

Credit Card, Wire Transfers, E-Wallets, Cryptocurrency

Number of Assets:

ETFs, Stocks, Commodities, Indices, Currencies, Cryptocurrency

Up to 92% Profit

1 min, 5 min, 10 min, 3 hour, custom time.

Beginner Friendly

  • Interactive courses
  • Strategies from experienced financial analysts
  • Video tutorials and webinars

They even offer courses tailored towards experienced traders. More advanced classes focus on analyst webinars. These teach essentials such as managing capital and trading strategies for the current market.

Security and Regulation

It is also important to look for well-established platforms. Olymp Trade has around 25,000 people trading every day and a $171 million monthly turnover. They have also won numerous accolades including:

  • Fastest Growing Broker – ShowFx World 2016
  • Best Options Broker – Forex Expo 2017
  • Best Financial Broker – CPA Life Awards 2017
  • Best Options Trading Platform – Le Fonti 2018


Olymp Trade accepts deposits via the following methods:

  • Credit and debit cards
  • Bank wire transfer
  • E-payments such as Skrill and Neteller
  • Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin

How Does Olymptrade Works?

What Will You Get From Olymptrade?

  • A trading plan and signals from analysts can prepare directly on the platform.
  • You can learn more about the trade from professional work experience.
  • Thereby it offers you unlimited withdrawal.
  • Without costs, we incur the costs of the payment system.
  • You can cancel or refuse the withdrawn amount within 24 hours.
  • Olymptrade manages your capital and provides easy investment scheme.
  • It efficiently brings webinars for analysts, online meetings, detailed explanations of the Olymptrade initial strategies.
  • Olymptrade has a full education system.
  • They offer excellent customer service.
  • Your trading platform is convenient and intuitive.
  • Offers without risk.
  • The minimum share of Olympic trade is quite low.
  • You have a small minimum investment.
  • The contribution to this program is quite low for trading purpose.
  • It requires you to start trade with a small minimum investment only.
  • The software can work only one platform that it means having limited account, transactions types, and assets to trade.

Company information and trading conditions

Company. Registered in Cyprus, operating since 2014. Certified by a financial market regulator, assigned category “A” by the International Finance Commission.

Trading. High/Low contracts with yields of up to 89% and a cost of $1. Over 45 trading assets.

Support. 24-hour multilanguage online chat, email, phone (not in all countries) and Skype.

Other. Individual training and exclusive offers for VIP users, trader tournaments with impressive prize funds.

Trader tournaments

You can earn on Binomo in two ways: by trading on real money and by participating in trading contests. Tournaments are the main feature of the company that clearly distinguish it from among the many other unremarkable trading platforms.

Binomo has been regularly holding competitions for many years. The duration of these activities varies from 24 hours to 1 month. The prize pools range from $300 to $70,000, and even that is not the limit.

Types of Binomo tournaments:

Participation in the free tournament is a real opportunity to make money trading real money with zero risk of losing any money. Prizes are credited to the regular account, and they can be withdrawn at any time to a card or wallet.

Hidden features of Binomo

In conclusion, our review will consider some features of the Binomo platform which are not immediately noticeable to ordinary users.

Lucky you;

In the next few paragraphs, I’ll teach you how to use your Olymp Trade Account to earn up to $1000 daily.

It’s the only way I know how to earn online. Plus, it works for me most of the time.

You don’t believe that?

Here are some screenshots of my winning from last month. And money has never been enough. I still trade.

My Olymp Trade Winning Consistency For November.

I make my forecasts with huge amounts too. And win. (But you can trade with $1 if you want to).

My All-Time High Wins.

Now that you have seen trading outcomes, don’t you at least want to know how I do it? Olymp Trade Login.

I’ll teach you how . But first, let’s take a break-and-learn more about this product.

1. What is Olymp Trade Fixed Time Trade?

Fixed time trade is one of the most profitable-and-transparent instruments of financial markets. As its name suggests, “FTT gives you a chance to trade fixed assets on fixed timelines.

You can use fixed time trade to forecast the price change of a particular asset – currency pair or commodities – over a certain period of time. Often one minute in the minimum.

The gist of trading FTT is, you do not need to know the exact price that the asset will fluctuate to. You just need to forecast if the price will rise or fall.

And if you ask me, that’s a good thing because you will yield profits even if the predicted change happens by only one point.

2. How does Olymp Trade Work in Kenya?

There is no difference in how Olymp Trade works in Kenya, Vietnam, Russia or your country. The mechanics are the same.

Speaking of trading mechanics, here is the basic info to get you started.

The Olymp Trade Platform has two FTTs: –

2. The Time Method of Trading Fixed Time Trades.

Time method isn’t so much popular with beginning traders but it is an up-to-date and convenient way to trade on an active market.

You can use this method by choosing the trade expiration time. If you opt to trade with these FTTs, you will win up to 92% of the invested amount.

Step 1.

Decide which asset you want to trade.

Olymp Trade has 5 major assets that you can trade on – currency pairs, commodities, stocks of major global companies, key exchange indices in Europe – Asia and The United States

Step 4.

Select the strike price.

When the trade expires, the asset price and the strike price is compared to determine if you have won. You win on up trade if the asset price falls above your strike price at trade expiry.

Your down trade yields profit if the asset chart is below your strike price when the trade expires.

Step 5.

Decide if the asset price will go up or down.

4. How to Deposit Money in Olymp Trade in Kenya.

There are very many simple ways to load your account. Some are specific to individual countries (like Mpesa & Kenya); others are global (like the use of VISA).

Step 2.

Once logged in, click the make deposit button on the top right of your chat.

The action will redirect your browser to a new page for deposits – with multiple deposit methods.

Step 5.

Click on the deposit button after choosing the trade amount.

Fill in your card details then click pay.

In case your deposit fails, start a chart as in the above image and you will immediately get help from the Olymp Trade support team.

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