Full Review about Binomo Broker

Advantages and disadvantages of the Binomo broker

Free and high-quality training
Professional platform with advanced functionality
High yield options
Fast withdrawal service

Limited selection of options

Overview of the main advantages of Binomo

What else does Binomo broker, whose official website can be found at https://binomo.com/ru? Actually, this binary option gets a lot of really positive feedback for:

  • the ability to use platform in 24/7 mode;
  • the chance to get good bonuses when deposit your account;
  • a complete set of tools that are essential for successful trading;
  • opportunity for free training, etc.

Attention! Binomo systematically holds tournaments on a demo account as well. At the same time, the user has chance to win real money.

  • hotline number;
  • support;
  • Skype chat and other communication tools.

This is a great thing that is not available on all trading platforms. And here the losses do not grow like a snowball. Everything depends only on your ability to trade.

Among other advantages there is the minimum response time, which is only 5 seconds. Also on the site, there are over 50 underlying assets, including Google, IBM, Apple, etc.

Feature of withdrawal from Binomo

Note! You can even withdraw crypto currencies to electronic wallets with Binomo.

The process of withdrawing money from Binomo is simple and fast. To learn about platform news, subscribe to Binomo on YouTube or social networks, and we wish you good luck in trading!

Trading terminal

Capabilities of the modern platform:

The Android and Apple stores feature adapted mobile versions of the terminal. There is also a special app for trading CFDs.

Training and support

Since its first days of operation, the company has positioned itself as a platform for beginners. In 2015, the company was given an award for this at the FE Awards. The platform pays special attention to the issue of training for beginner traders.

Binomo opportunities for beginner training:

The number of video lessons in the catalog depends on the language version of the site. The greatest amount of materials are available in English. However, active translation work is underway for other localizations.

Company information and trading conditions

Company. Registered in Cyprus, operating since 2014. Certified by a financial market regulator, assigned category “A” by the International Finance Commission.

Trading. High/Low contracts with yields of up to 89% and a cost of $1. Over 45 trading assets.

Support. 24-hour multilanguage online chat, email, phone (not in all countries) and Skype.

Other. Individual training and exclusive offers for VIP users, trader tournaments with impressive prize funds.

Trader tournaments

You can earn on Binomo in two ways: by trading on real money and by participating in trading contests. Tournaments are the main feature of the company that clearly distinguish it from among the many other unremarkable trading platforms.

Binomo has been regularly holding competitions for many years. The duration of these activities varies from 24 hours to 1 month. The prize pools range from $300 to $70,000, and even that is not the limit.

Types of Binomo tournaments:

Participation in the free tournament is a real opportunity to make money trading real money with zero risk of losing any money. Prizes are credited to the regular account, and they can be withdrawn at any time to a card or wallet.

Hidden features of Binomo

In conclusion, our review will consider some features of the Binomo platform which are not immediately noticeable to ordinary users.

Signing up on the Binomo site

The technical process of registering for a trading account on the Binomo binary options broker’s website is very simple and fast. All that a new client of the company needs to do is fill out a simple interactive form on the welcome page:

The Binomo broker’s trading terminal

An operating chart of the biggest possible format with an excellent list of settings: scaling, building periods, chart plotting forms, market history.

A set of services for indicator evaluation of the market.

Options in turbo mode and standard binary contracts.

The expiration period ranges from 60 seconds to 24 hours with the most convenient intervals.

Access to 80 financial instruments for trading.

Transactions with a liquidity level of up to 87%.

Non-stop trading mode.

The speed ​​of registering options is 1.7 ms.

A convenient and informative service for displaying the client’s trading operations.

In addition to the basic services and tools offered by this operator’s terminal, it is worth noting the very convenient and understandable interface of the platform, which for the convenience of trading is divided into special menus and zones.

  • A technical zone for customizing the operating chart and market analysis tools:
  • A menu for selecting options and financial assets to trade:
  • A zone for direct registration of options on the market:

The technical functionality and sets of forecasting tools, along with the best possible stability of the service, allow traders to trade comfortably and with good results.

In addition, the Binomo binary options broker offers its clients ancillary trading terminals in the form of mobile applications that are available in specialized online stores for free:

The history and development of Binomo

Among the factors that attracted many new customers to Binomo, it is worth noting the following:

  • Interesting bonus programs;
  • Intuitive and understandable interface;
  • the most accurate quotes;
  • easy withdrawal of funds.

The broker provides not only binary, but also long-term and paired options. The combination of the described factors brought this broker to the top, despite the rather limited choice of contracts on the platform.

Binomo reviews

Each novice trader needs to first understand in detail the Binomo work system, and only then proceed with the rates.

Regarding positive reviews, users most often mention the following Binomo options:

  • comfortable site scrolling and simple interface;
  • use of the latest technologies for working on the exchange;
  • honesty towards users;
  • increased security, personal data security, etc.

Another important point that real users note: scam and fraud on the Binomo broker platform are impossible!

How to open an account on Binomo

Another big plus of working with Binomo is the ease of opening a personal account. First you need to visit the official website of the broker and register on it. New user will need:

  • indicate his email;
  • make up and enter password;
  • choose the currency.

Next, a novice broker must put a “tick” in the appropriate window to confirm agreement with the working conditions on the trading floor.

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